Saturday, August 20, 2011

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Swatches

Here are the OCC swatches requested by xoxoSnowflake!
Colors from left to right are ( Rx, TARRED, FEATHERED, TRAFFIC, NSFW, ANIME ) Almost all the colors are amazing in pigmentation, but i found that Tarred (Black), and Traffic (Yellow) colors are very watery and kind of funky they do not apply very solid on the lips which is kind of a bummer...

On the brighter side I learn that if i mix a NSFW (Red) TRAFFIC (Yellow) FEATHERED (White) together I can make the color GRANDMA! I can just about mix any colors they offer by using the primary colors!

All the Tinted Moisturizer are great coverage and stay put of a very long time! OCC carries Tinted Moisturizers colors for yellow under tone skin, and red under tone skin. I picked out the lightest and darkest from both collections, so I can custom mix the best shade for my clients.

Here's a link to there awesome website!

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  1. Thank you <333 So wow those colors are crazy! I've been lemming a bright pink lip color, Anime looks like a perfect barbie pink! Might just have to get it :)