Thursday, September 22, 2011

DIY Bloody Scar Makeup tutorial for halloween!

My first tutorial for the halloween Season, DIY Scar without the use of prosthetics!
Enjoy ♥'s

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Luminess Air airbrush system review

I received the Luminess Air airbrush system last week. Super fast delivery, very impressed. I got the “Beauty System” (Bc 100). Here is how they describe it on their website…. As seen on TV. This is our most popular model—great for every day makeup needs. Features one-touch airbrush system with constant air speed for face and neck. Includes our easy-to-use, single-action airbrush stylus. It also includes Starter Kit: 4 Foundations, Make Up System Cleaning Bottle, Blush, Bronzer, Glow and Primer Price on the website is $230. The motor is housed in a plastic box and the stylus is made of metal. It also came with a soft shelled case.
I watched the techniques demonstrated on the DVD. Then selected my shade of foundation and filled the stylus to the correct level and gave it a go. It was hard to get used to using the stylus at first and I messed up a few times, but eventually I got the hang of it. You can achieve light, medium, or a full layer of coverage depending on what you prefer. If you choose to have more than a light layer of coverage, all you have to do is wait 2-5 seconds for the makeup to dry before applying your next layer. Beware, with all air brush systems, if you don't wait the makeup becomes blotchy and has a caked on look. Here a photo of the before and after =)
It took about a week to fully get the hang of using the system and learning the proper distance I needed between the air brush stylus and my face. I had some issues with one of the eye shadows... I gave it a really good shake and went to add a few drops into the reservoir, the metal ball got stuck up in to the dropper dispenser and exploded every where! It was quite a bit to clean up! So make sure you pay attention and don’t rush the process, in order to save time and product.
I really like the level of coverage the makeup provided. The foundation looked very natural, not overly done up, and gave me a soft look. I have not used the eye shadow kit again because I feel the speed doesn’t give me precise enough control for the eye shadow . However this machine gives me a greater coverage than liquid foundation would. I also love the way the blush has a glow from beneath feel to it. Heres a picture of the foundations, eye shadows, and blush. I would have been interested to test the multispeed model because I felt I couldn’t do everything I needed to do with the single speed, such as apply eyeshadow, do precise lines or body coverage. This is a great entry level air bush system but probably not for the pros or hi volume usage (such as a fashion show/shoot etc). None the less it got the job done, but I would suggest seeking a system with more than one speed. If you are interested in any luminess air products here is a link to the website Thank you Luminess Air for giving me this opportunity to share your great products with my viewers!